Our Services

Our Services

two men moving couch into uhaul

Loading and Unloading

Already have everything packed and just need to load and unload your home? Let us here at MoveKC to the heavy lifting for you!

Taping a box

Packing and Unpacking

If you would like to save the stress of packing up your home, just let us do it for you! Here at MoveKC we will take great care in packing all your items, from fragile items to clothing, we got you covered!

Special Handle Items

We can assist in moving big special items such as pianos, safes and anything of heavy weight! Contact for more information and details on these items!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We can but we would need there to be insurace on the uhaul and our name added to the authorized drivers.

We can get the uhaul, the the fee of the uhaul and time it takes to go get the vehicle and get to the job will be added. Our time would start when I left for the uhaul, our price would be half of original hourly rate until arriving to the job location. So you would reimburse for the the uhaul and then start time when going to get the uhaul.

If I predict a time and we go over it I'll do half off the original hourly rate for the remaining time it takes to complete the job.